Indigenous Society of
Architecture, Planning, & Design


It is a privilege and responsibility to understand the architectural knowledge that has sustained Indigenous communities for a millenia.

It is imperative that a new generation of Indigenous architects, designers, and planners conserve, transform, and shape the environments Indigenous people live in.

Challenging the current status quo in architecture is vital to propelling Indigenous architecture and all architecture into a future of true sustainability.


The Indigenous Society of Architecture, Planning and Design (ISAPD) is an organization focused on increasing international knowledge, consciousness, and appreciation of Indigenous architecture, planning, and design, inclusive of landscape architecture and environmental design, in academia and the professional realm. ISAPD works toward fundamentally supporting and increasing the representation of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, First Nations, Aboriginal Australians, Māori, and other Indigenous Scholars and Peoples in these fields.

Core Sample Site Drawing, Anjelica S. Gallegos, 2020, City Renewed Studio, Yale School of Architecture.

Aims + Objectives

The Indigenous Society of Architecture, Planning and Design organization aims to:

  • Form and have access to an active network of Indigenous architects, planning and design professionals
  • Promote architecture as a viable profession in Indigenous communities
  • Foster national and local dialogue on architecture and Indigenous culture through publication
  • Be an active source of resourcefulness and inspiration for Indigenous youth
  • Collaborate with tribal, academic, and local community groups
  • Create opportunities to spotlight Indigenous practitioners
  • Curate curriculum sources and materials for all levels of education
  • Educate on and encourage tribal land acknowledgements
  • Foster effective communication and comradery among Indigenous architects, planning, and design professionals
  • Encourage the establishment of chapters and individuals to form associate and joint venture relationships
  • Speak with a common voice on public policy concerning architecture, planning, and design
  • Work with local, state, national, and tribal governments on issues affecting the physical development of Indigenous communities and built projects

Core Sample Site Drawing, Anjelica S. Gallegos, 2020, City Renewed Studio, Yale School of Architecture.


The ISAPD organization consists of both professional members and student members.

Becoming a member or establishing a chapter gives Indigenous scholars and those interested in supporting Indigenous architecture, planning, and design the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other Indigenous scholars and communities across varied lands and waters.

By building a network and living foundation of Indigenous scholars, ISAPD seeks to ensure that Indigenous architectural knowledge is uplifted, particularly in spaces that have historically failed to recognize it. ISAPD emboldens future generations of Indigenous communities across many lands and waters to access an architectural education.

Collectively, we can begin to envision a path of rekindling connections with natural environments, utilizing traditional ecological knowledge to create balance between all living elements. ISAPD supports education and ideation to expand the possibilities of the built environment and to ultimately elevate Indigenous architectural sovereignty.

ISAPD membership is free.

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Core Sample Site Drawing, Anjelica S. Gallegos, 2020, City Renewed Studio, Yale School of Architecture.