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Creating solutions for all communities depends on access to knowledge on the design, construction, and building of spaces. Architectural knowledge lies within Indigenous communities and within formalized education. It is imperative that a new generation of Indigenous architects, designers, and planners conserve, transform, and shape the environments Indigenous people live in. It is a privilege and responsibility to understand the architectural knowledge that has sustained Indigenous communities for a millenia. As the keepers of worldviews, knowledge bases, and cultural practices, Indigenous architects can  unite all realms and professional fields, helping to rebalance lifeways and build a sustainable future for all beings.
As Indigenous Scholars of Architecture, Planning, and Design, we support present Indigenous students and professionals and will work to empower future generations of Indigenous communities across many lands and waters to access architectural education. As Indigenous Scholars, our communities are rooted in an enriched ecological past; we will contribute toward a restorative revolution that rebuilds connections between the built and natural. For Indigenous nations, architecture can serve as a path to exercise and celebrate tribal sovereignty. Challenging the current status quo in architecture is vital to propelling Indigenous architecture and all architecture into a future of true sustainability.

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ISAPD. Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

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